The Icons

The Archmage has worked tirelessly for centuries to preserve the Empire from arcane threats, yet his own magical experiments have occasionally threatened the fabric of reality itself.

  • Allies: Emperor, High Priestess
  • Enemies: Elf Queen, High Druid, Prince of Shadows

The Crusader is the armored fist of the Dark Gods. Though he has no love for the Gods of Light or their followers, the main thrust of his campaign is against the demons of the Abyss who threaten the world he seeks to conquer.

  • Allies: Emperor, Lich King
  • Enemies: Diabolist, Great Wyrm, High Priestess

The Diabolist controls fiends and tampers with forces even the Archmage avoids, though it may be true that the demons she summons would otherwise overwhelm the Great Wyrm who seals the Abyss.

  • Allies: Prince of Shadows
  • Enemies: Crusader, Great Wyrm, High Priestess

The Dwarf King is lord of the dwarves’ new homeland beneath the mountains. He yearns to reclaim their ancestral homelands lost to the dark elves and other creatures of the deeps, but now that the Empire is faltering, the dwarves find themselves defending the mountains from the orcs and monsters of the north.

  • Allies: Emperor
  • Enemies: Orc Lord, Prince of Shadows

The Elder Dragons were among the first creatures to walk the world. The Red is a living engine of destruction. The Blue is a sorceress, perhaps even the original mother of all sorcery. The Black is queen of shadows and assassins.

  • Allies: Nobody
  • Enemies: Elf Queen, Great Wyrm, Lich King

The Elf Queen rules the Court of Stars, the one place where wood elves, dark elves, and high elves come together as peers and allies instead of as rivals or enemies. Honed by centuries of experience, the Queen’s innate magic rivals that of the Archmage.

  • Allies: Emperor, High Druid
  • Enemies: Elder Dragons, Orc Lord

The Emperor rules the world’s greatest human kingdom, once mighty but now falling into decadence. All the signs suggest that the age is turning, but will the Empire crumble or shift to a new balance?

  • Allies: Archmage, Crusader, Dwarf King, Elf Queen, Great Wyrm, High Priestess
  • Enemies: Lich King, Orc Lord

The Great Wyrm is the world’s protector and the inspiration for paladins and mighty heroes. Although his physical form seals the gap that stops the Abyss from erupting into the world, his dreams and agents still move through the world.

  • Allies: Emperor, High Priestess
  • Enemies: Diabolist, Elder Dragons

The High Druid is the champion of the resurgent Wild, and the spiritual and magical leader of spirits of nature and the elements that were chained by the Empire but are now working themselves free.

  • Allies: Elf Queen
  • Enemies: Archmage, Emperor

The High Priestess hears all the Gods of Light and speaks on their behalf to those who please her. She is part oracle, part mystic, and part metaphysical engineer.

  • Allies: Archmage, Emperor, Great Wyrm
  • Enemies: Crusader, Diabolist, Lich King

The Lich King is the lord of the undead, a fallen tyrant who intends to conquer the Empire and restore his ancient kingdom. He’s not entirely insane and mostly understands that ruling a kingdom is not the same as destroying it.

  • Allies: Nobody
  • Enemies: Everyone

The Orc Lord is a figure of legend, almost a force of nature. The last time he walked the land the Lich King fell, in part because of the Orc Lord’s attack. Who will fall before his hordes this time? Who will be left standing?

  • Allies: Nobody
  • Enemies: Dwarf King, Elf Queen, Emperor, Lich King

The Prince of Shadows is part thief, part trickster, and part assassin. He has squandered the riches of the dwarves, murdered the hopes of a dragon, and plundered the dreams of a god. His exploits have changed the world, but none can tell you his ultimate goals or motives.

  • Allies: Diabolist
  • Enemies: Archmage, Dwarf King

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The Icons

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