Let the battle cry go forth!

The 13th Age is upon us and dark powers stir in the forgotten corners of the earth. A new warlord rises among the orcs of the north, while the Lich King’s shadow reaches out from his forbidden city. The Diabolist and the Crusader wage their infernal war in the west, and only the sacrifice of the Great Wyrm, eldest of his kind, prevents the Abyss from devouring the world whole. Enemies are all about, and yet the Empire has fallen into decadence and disarray. The world calls out for heroes to save it—or to wrest their fortune from the wreckage.

Themes of the Game

  • The World is Yours: Whatever you want out of the game, weave it into your Backgrounds and One Unique Thing. Do you want to acquire a certain specific magic item? Tell me how it was lost by your ancestor, and what its recovery will mean for the honor of your family. Would you like to face a certain type of foe? What have they done to deserve your wrath? Tell me what you want out of the game and how it makes sense in the context of the story.
  • Destined for Greatness: This is a story of heroes, and the focus should remain on the PCs. I’ll try damn hard to portray dynamic and interesting NPCs, but the player characters and the decisions they make will be the heart of the story.
  • Magic is Magical: Magic items are rare but potent, each one unique and with a history of its own. Acquiring a magic item will represent a significant achievement for a character—and possessing too many may pose a threat to your very identity.
  • Morality is Gray: And some morals are grayer than others. Alignment goes out the window; I never liked it anyway. Character is revealed through action. Choices are difficult; sacrifices must be made. Does the end justify the means? Possibly not, but power comes with a price.

ZZ 13th Age: Shadows Over Arcossa

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